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At Hichaud, we are passionate about people.

Our human values ​​support our corporate values. These values, we live them daily in our commitment to stimulate the social economy of Quebec.

Each boot and child's shoe designed here is the work of a team made up mainly of workers with functional limitations. Through their work, they realize themselves, develop their skills and proudly contribute to the comfort and health of thousands of little feet.

Through our mission, we invest in growing the child, the individual, the community and our partners. Our company is defined by this collective success that allows us to grow together.


Our values

They all follow the same thread: the human being.

They inspire us every day. They guide our interactions with our employees, business partners, suppliers and customers. These are the values ​​that inhabit us:

  • Respect for the human being
  • Integrity with different business partners, suppliers and customers
  • An impeccable customer service
  • Products of exceptional quality
  • A safe work environment



A team that has the sacred fire!

Far from us is the time when the children's shoe industry was flourishing in the Quebec City region with its 60,000 workers. Today, there are barely 400 and Hichaud continues to proudly carry the torch. Why? Because his united, dedicated and dynamic team has the sacred fire. A sacred fire that ignites the spark of great successes, from the infatuation of people for our products to the multiplication of outlets.


Our management philosophy: to grow our people and the company while maintaining a human face. Because the person counts first and foremost. Especially since our team is composed mainly of people with limitations. The successful integration of these people requires stepping forward and holding hands until you feel safe. While some see our employees as disabled, Hichaud sees talented workers instead.

In short, Hichaud, it's a smile in the voice at the end of the line, a face with a smile at the reception and employees happy to come true.