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2001 Suzuki RM125 Brake Disc JT Sprockets JTD3110SC01

SKU: AD~1!664836#207697
Brake Disc For 2001 Suzuki RM125 Offroad Motorcycle JT Sprockets JTD3110SC01
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Brake Discs

Brake Disc
Patened Self-Cleaning Holes: Unique conical holes help keep the pad and disc clean fron depris, as well as providing weight reduction and heat dissapation.

Highest Quality Materials: High quality stainless steel, fully heat-treated and machined to the closest of tolerances.

Stepped Outer Profile: Specially machined design enhances heat dissipation and helps resist warping at high temperatures.

Coated Surfaces: Electrostatically enamel paint coated non-braking surfaces.

Full Pad Compatibilty: Engineered and race tested to work perfectly with all types of brake pads - metal sintered, semi-sintered, and organic - for a controlled, consistent braking performance in all wet, muddy, and dry conditions.